Healthy Recipes Prototype

I looked more into detail about the different options that I had for my prototype. The one I decided on was invisionapp. I chose it because it had a lot of flexibility and was also very organized and simple to use. I was very happy with the way it turned out. I wish I had found this before I started designing my UIs though because I had to resize all of the screens. This seamed like a task that could have been easily avoided. I will make sure to be carful of this in the future.

After all of my tests I made my final changes to the UI design. I took into account all of the feedback I received during critiques, as well as the data I gathered through my tests.

I watched a few videos as inspiration for my video prototype. This was the first video. I felt looked very professional and put together. I really liked the layout and style they chose for the application. However there were no words in the video and instead distracting music. I feel a voice over would have made it more clear to the viewer as to what was happening.

Another video I saw was interesting because it was a working version on the phone. I like how the app could be tested on the phone, however again there was no voice over explaining what going on. I felt very lost watching the video.

From these videos I learned the features that I liked from their strategies and the parts I did not like. Mainly the fact that they did not explain the application was a big down fall. In my video I will make sure to give a clear description of what I am doing with my prototype.

My prototype video can be seen here:



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