A New Tablet App: Three Concepts

This week I started to develop different concepts for applications that I could create. To do this I brainstormed about things in my life that give me problems, that way I could try to think of an app that would solve that problem.

The first idea that I came up with was one to help with grocery shopping. The idea came to me when my roommate and I were struggling to find just a few ingredients at the grocery store, when we had to hurry back to our room.

Here are some links to some of the competition I could have if I followed through with this idea:



Although the there are some competition for applications like this one, they mostly have outdated interfaces, and do not have all of the features my application would provide.

The next app was inspired by the service fraternity I am in. There are times that it is very difficult to find places to volunteer. This app would be for those who are looking for a place to volunteer, or organizations who are looking for volunteers. People would be able to search and communicate with those in the area.

Here is a link to some of the completion:


Again, the other apps are different then the concept of this app. Many of them are for a specific organization.

The last concept was inspired by a story I saw in the news. The story was a bout mothers who take their children to the park and lose track of them because they are distracted by their mobile devises. After doing more research I found many articles and stories similar to this one.

The applications would remind users to look up and check on their children. This way they do not lose a track of time and dangerous situations could be avoided. I could not find any applications similar to this one.

Some of the new stories and articles I found could be seen here:





Here are my three ideas in more details:



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