New App Idea & User Research

This week I started to brainstorm about more possible ideas. I decided to go in the direction of a different application idea. This app would target grandparents. The app would be a digital photo album where grandparents could flip through photos of their family. To make the application simpler for them to use, family members will upload the images from their end of the app. All the grandparents have to do is look through the album.

There will be some additional features such as audio recordings, video recordings, and ability to comment on photos, ability to add media to a different album.

I thought the next important step would be my user research. For this step I started to research how senior citizens use technology. The first article that I found said the top best tablets for senior citizens. It also expressed the needs of senior citizens. It said, “But people do grow older, and as we do, our priorities tend to change. Senior citizens often find themselves looking for products that are powerful yet easy to use, not only out of a desire to simplify, but also because older buyers can often afford exactly what they want.” With this in mind I will have to make sure that I make this application very simple to use and easy to learn. The popular tablets that senior citizens use were the iPad mini, the Kindle, and the Nook.

The next article I looked at had some great statistics. According to the article, “more than 50 percent of seniors going online.” This means that more and more senior citizens are using the Internet. Along with the increase in Internet we could assume that other technologies are getting more popular in their age group. I started to take a closer at what specifically these users use the Internet for. The article says, “Email…is widely used, with 86 percent of Internet users 65 or older using it, and 48 percent of them doing so every day.” This means that senior citizens like to use technology as a way of keeping in touch with others.

The next article I saw gave a supported the statistic of 50% of senior citizens using the Internet. It said that, “This is changing the way people gather, share, and create information. And it is changing the way they communicate and act in groups.” This is really important to keep in mind. The way that people keep in touch today is changing. My application would provide a great way for them to stay in touch. It is an app that falls into the interests of the users. The site also had some great graphs of statistical information seen below:

slide-3-1024 slide-6-1024 slide-8-1024 slide-11-1024 slide-12-1024 slide-13-1024 slide-22-1024 slide-23-1024

According to the next article, “ability to help seniors stay engaged with current events and find information quickly with the click of a few buttons. Additionally, the women reported going online to seek out old friends, connect with new acquaintances and find support through social networks.” Again this gives me insight into what senor citizens like to use technology for. Practical uses are the major benefit for them. Ways to keep contact with others is a major use for people of this age range.

The last article I looked at concentrated on women senior citizens. According to the article the Internet has many major benefits to those that age. It said, “Internet use among older people reduces loneliness, increases social interaction and may result in a significant reduction in depression.” These benefits show the importance that technology can have in someone’s life. As tablets become more and more popular and app like this meant for connecting with family and memories can be used often. Women over 60 are using social media to stay connected and meet people. The convenience that technology provides is fantastic.

After my research I have a better idea of how my user would use the product and the sorts of things that they would be interested in looking for. I will make sure to reflect upon this research as I continue along with this process.

Here is a compilation of some of the important information about my users for this application:

user research


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