More User Research and Personas

For this week I went back to find some more user research. Although the information that I found last week was a good start, I knew that I really needed to talk to some users before going ahead with this idea.

To do this I contacted three senior citizens and interviewed them, and contacted three people from the baby boomer generation and interviewed them with a few additional questions about the future.

I was able to find a lot of really great information with this set of interview questions. I made a few charts of data and further analyzed the information that I found in the report below:

Click Here to view it!

This was a much more helpful set of information because I heard it from the users themselves, and was able to find out the specific information that I wanted to hear.

I also had the chance to hear their reactions to my concept for the application itself. This would have been extremely difficult to find strictly searching online.

With this information I was able to create my two personas. Since I had experience creating a persona from the last time I created them, I was able to dive right into after analyzing my user research.

Although the strategy for finding my user research was much different this time then the first time, I feel they were both very useful. It is always useful to watch a user use a product and talk about it. However, the interviewing that I did in this week gave me a lot of great information to start of my application with.

The last time I went through the design process of the application I reflected back to my personas and user research several times, so I know how important these steps are to the future of this project.

Here are the two personas that I created for my new application:





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