Updated Persona and New Information Architecture and Wireframes

This week I first adjusted my personas. Although I was happy with the content of my personas, the layout needed a redesign. I changed the design to fit something that I think will be more similar to the look and feel of my application. I also added some more information, which will be helpful down the road. More information is better because the personas truly appear as a real user of the product.

Here are my updated personas:

Howard Lois

I also created my information architecture, and my wireframes.

Creating my information architecture for this project was much different from the previous time. In some ways it was easier because I had a better idea of what I was supposed to do and how it was supposed to look. However, it was also much trickier.

It was more difficult because this time I had nothing to go off of. Even though my last design was a redesign and I was changing the flow of the application, I still had something to work from. This time however it was completely form scratch. Although I had all of my user research to help guide me in what I found my users would like and would not like, it was still challenging to develop the entire flow of the application.

To do this I opened up a word document and wrote everything out. This was helpful because I was able to think out everything I wanted to allow in my application and the link between each one.

Here is my information architecture:


The wireframes were more of a similar experience to the first design of the mobile application because the first time I gave the application a completely different layout and look. The part that different was the amount of space to work with. In this design I am designing for an iPad and the last design was for the Samsung Galaxy.

This was very interesting because I had to think about how I was going to take advantage of the space. While before I was thinking about how I could save space.

Here is my wireframes:



Overall this was a great experience. I am very excited to see this come to life in the next couple of stages.


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