First Three Comps

This week I began to think about the user interface of my application. I weighed many different options and researched different interfaces for the iPad and for applications using books, since that is a common theme with my application. From the research I designed three very different look and feels for my application.

The research that I found were the following pictures:

link1 link2 link3


link4 link5 link6 link7 link8 link9

With those I began to design my comps. My favorite part of the design for each of the comps was designing the shelf for the albums. I enjoyed this so much because not only is it a key feature of my application, but there were so many different way that I could design it.

The first idea was one that was more of a realistic look. I got my inspiration for this by researching existing book applications today. Most of them used shelves and pages that looked like a real book would. I liked this for an older demographic because it would be more familiar to what they know. However I feel it is not very original and is somewhat over done.

The next idea I had was more of a sleek look. I used a black background and used more abstract images with bright colors for the items and writing. I was not a fan of this look for this composition at all. I think it visually did not translate as it looked in my head. Also, I feel that my demographic for this application would be very confused trying to use it. I may consider taking certain elements from this stage, however I do not plan on taking this approach.

The last idea I had was somewhat in the middle. I wanted it to look familiar enough for the users to recognize what was happening on the screen, but I wanted to put a creative spin on the app so it was separated from the others. I used light colors that I felt gave it an older feel. It is also very easy on the eye on like my second set of comps. This is my favorite of the designs I came up with.

Here were my comps for my application:






Overall I was very happy with this step. I was able to be very creative and think of completely different concepts for the UI for this application. Even though I was not happy with how one of them came out, it was a great process to be able to rule out that idea.

This time around was pretty similar to the last time. One main difference was that the first time I designed comps I was very focused on one theme for the app and had a difficult time thinking of three completely different ideas. This time I believe I accomplished this much better. I also made sure to avoid making my app look like wireframes and instead the user interface of what my application will look like.

Before I moved onto my compositions, I made updates to my information architecture.

Although I thought I had a better idea of how the information architecture was supposed to be formatted this time around it turns out I was still a little off. Even though I had the flow of the application all mapped out I needed more description of what each part of the application allows the user to do and how the user should interact with it.

After making my adjustments here is my new information architecture:



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