In the course of these two projects I feel that I learned a lot. I was really excited to apply the knowledge that I learned at my internship to these projects. In the beginning of the projects it especially came in handy because I had a base understanding of how to approach each of the steps. It was exciting to be able to grow upon these skills.

One of the ways I felt I grew the most was through critiques. Creating something and having others look at them and give feed back is one of the best ways that you can grow. I am so excited that I had that opportunity and I feel that by looking at my UI’s in both of the final prototypes you can see a growth and a more professional look. I am very happy with how everything came out.

Also, I was able to grow with my testing skills. I have had a lot of testing experience in the past with beta testing programs in computer science, and usability tests at my internship. I was able to apply this information to the tests I conducted in this class. The more tests you conduct, and analysis you make to those tests, the more you are going to learn from them. With each test I conduct the more I discover how truly important it is to the outcome of your product.

With this, I learned about paper prototyping. This is something that I had never heard of before. At first I found it to be a little strange, and I was worried to how my users would react to it. However, after some practice and several paper prototype tests, I was able to really grow these testing skills and see the benefit of them.

Lastly the videos we recorded for this class. With the final prototype video, I learned how to screen capture a video. I also developed some of my presenting and video recording skills. I practiced each of my videos several times until I ended up with a product I was happy with. It was really important to speak clearly, interestingly, and quickly, so I could explain the purpose of my application without loosing the interest of the viewer.

Overall I learned a lot through this course. I am very excited to build more upon these skills in the future.


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