Enhancing an App

The first project I plan on working on is to find an application that has a well throughout concept, and functions well, but is just designed poorly. I am going to take this app and redesign it. Through this project I am going to explore the User Experience process by researching the steps and practicing myself.

The application I am choosing to redesign is called, Epicurious. Epicurious is a recipe app, where you can look up specific recipes, containing certain ingredients. The recipe can be for a particular meal or occasion, or category.

Although the app functions well and has a lot of potential and well thought out features, the design is poor making the app seem less desirable.

I look forward to using the UX process to redesign this application.









Shopping List

After choosing this application I looked it up on the iPhone version out of curiosity. This version was very well designed. Because of this I decided to choose a less known application to redesign. This way I could completely redesign it on my own without seeing a better version of the same design.

This application is called Healthy Recipes. It is found on play store for the Android market. It is a little simpler then the first app that I chose but it needs a lot of work. There are inconsistencies, random choices, no sort or search methods, and buttons with no functionality. The overall design of the application is also outdated.

Here are some screen shots of Healthy Recipes:












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