For this step I made sure to research different videos of prototypes done before. From the videos I found I was able to gather stratagies for when I made my prototype. I also was able to see what I would change about their videos so I could add them to mine.

I also had to make any final changes to the UI designs I had made. Although I was very happy with the design direction I was going in, there were a few areas that needed some tweaking.

After all of my tests I made my final changes to the UI design. I took into account all of the feedback I received during critiques, as well as the data I gathered through my tests.

I definitely learned a lot in this step that I would take in the future. One big one is to find the dimension requirements of the prototyping program before designing my user interface. I learned this because my dimensions were slightly off from theirs causing a lot of time that could have been avoided. I will definitely keep this in mind next time I do this process.

My prototype video can be seen here:



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