Info Architecture

The first step of this process was designing new information architecture for my app. This step was basically a redesign of the flow of the app. This means that any features I wanted to add to the application, had to be planned out and built into this app.

To figure out what kinds of things I should add and change about the flow of “Healthy Recipes” I went back and looked at my user experience research data. I looked at the high priority items and some of the others and designed how I would incorporate them into my new design.

I also downloaded some of the top recipe applications. I observed how they designed the information architecture for these apps. I noticed what was common in each. I also looked for what I liked about each of the applications and what the reviewers liked in the comments.

When looking at these applications I took an extremely close look at the search methods developed because that is a feature completely missing from my application.

I also looked at an iPhone recipe application because demographically mothers are likely to use my application and a large percent of them like apple better.

Below are some of the images of inspiration that I found while designing the information architecture for my app.


2 3



6 7

8 9

10 11






Thinking of my persona, Jennifer would want to have a design and flow that is familiar and similar to her. She doesn’t like that much change and using an android phone is very different for her. She wants a design similar to the iPhone.

I studied the other applications a lot and was able to develop a new flow for my application that fits the modern day popular apps and fits the needs of my users.

Here is my information system for the redesigned app “Healthy Recipes”:

Information Architecture

After critiquing the work I had done last week I realized there was still a lot of work to be done in perfecting my information architecture. I went back and made the changes suggested to me.

This is the revised version of my information architecture.

After another critique I realized I was still off in my information architecture design. I revised it again, and am very happy with my results.

Here is the revised information architecture:





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