Paper Prototyping

I have done many different types of testing in my interactive digital design classes, computer science classes, and internship. However I had never tried paper prototyping.

The first time I heard of paper prototyping was when I was researching usability testing a few weeks ago before designing my application. I found this video, that demonstrated how to do paper prototype testing. I found this to be a very interesting way of testing.

As I got further into my design, and developed wireframes for my redesigned application, it was a good time to start paper prototyping before too many changes were made.

Before starting my test I researched more about paper prototyping.  I then found three testers to test my prototype.

I developed three tasks for the participants to try, followed by a survey. I used a survey so that I could compare the score from this test to the score from the original application, to see if the changes I made improved the usability of the application.

I was very happy to see that the score rose dramatically.

After conducting the tests and watching back the videos, I definitely saw some ways that I can improve the next time I paper prototype.

The first thing I would change is the screen. Although they are not supposed to be the fully developed UI, I felt that mine were difficult for the user to use even though I added words.

The next time I do this I will find a medium between the wireframe stage and the developed UI.

Overall though I think that the tests went well and showed that my users will have a good understanding of how my application works.

Here is the Data from my paper prototype testing:



After more research on paper prototypes I did one more test. I used some of the information form the first round of paper prototype teasing, along with the critique I received on my first prototype.

The video of my Paper Prototype Test is below:




I made some changes again after my video of my paper prototype test. I made some changes to my prototype so the participant could understand more about how the app is going to work. I also made some changes to my video so it looked more professional.

The new paper prototype test video is below:


Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.36.02 PM


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