User Interface Comps

This week I began my possible designs for my user interface. When doing this I researched a lot about user interface to get a good feel of what direction I should go in.

I found that looking at different interfaces on line and in different applications on my phone gave me the best inspiration for my designs.

I created three different design concepts for three different screens in my application. I tried to pick three very different screens from my application, so that I could challenge myself to see how I could keep each design idea consistent with each other.

Overall I am very happy with the results. I think it is a good starting point and I am excited to improve my design after critique.

I feel like there are parts of each of the designs that I like, so in my final design I would like to incorporate all of those features.

Here are my drafts!

After critique I realized I needed to make a lot of changes to my original comps. They were still very much in wireframe stage. ALso the three designs were very similar. Although I really want to use a design using the flat UI look, I know that there is a lot of different ways I could achieve that. I revised my three comps and developed a three new designs.

Here they are:

ui ui2 ui3




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