My preparation for my wireframe was very similar for that of my information system. I had to first research more about how wireframes are made. I also recalled all of the wireframes that I have created in the past.

Again I looked back at what my usability testers said they wanted in the application and what they liked. This would help to influence where the placement should be on the screen and what features should be added or redesigned.

I also looked again at the more successful recipe applications on both the android and iPhone markets. This gave me an idea of what kind of layout people favor.

I also looked through some of the popular applications that I have on my phone such as Facebook and Pinterest to see how they handle some of the similar actions. For example the other screen on Facebook is seen in many popular applications and I wanted to follow a similar style for mine. I also liked how Pinterest’s like and sharing and pinning functions are at the bottom of the screen.

I incorporated some of these popular styles into my applications design.

With the help of my research I was able to compile my wireframes into a nice pdf file that can be seen here!

After critiquing the work I had done last week I realized there was still a lot of work to be done in perfecting my wireframe. I went back and made the changes suggested to me.

This is the revised version of my wireframe.

After another critique I realized I was still off with my wireframes design. Although I like the wireframes themselves, the way I displayed them was still confusing. I revised it again, and am very happy with my results.

Here is the revised wireframes:



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