User Interface Comps

I tried a couple of different styles for my comps for this application. Since I was creating the look and feel of this application completely from scratch, I decided to go with a few different ideas.

The first idea was one that was more of a realistic look. I got my inspiration for this by researching existing book applications today. Most of them used shelves and pages that looked like a real book would. Some of the pieces I found in my research were:

link3 link2 link1

I liked this for an older demographic because it would be more familiar to what they know. However I feel it is not very original and is somewhat over done.

Here is the first set of comps:


The next idea I had was more of a sleek look. I used a black background and used more abstract images with bright colors for the items and writing. I was not a fan of this look for this composition at all. I think it visually did not translate as it looked in my head. Also, I feel that my demographic for this application would be very confused trying to use it. I may consider taking certain elements from this stage, however I do not plan on taking this approach.

Here is the next set of comps:


The last idea I had was somewhat in the middle. I wanted it to look familiar enough for the users to recognize what was happening on the screen, but I wanted to put a creative spin on the app so it was separated from the others. I used light colors that I felt gave it an older feel. It is also very easy on the eye on like my second set of comps. This is my favorite of the designs I came up with.

Here is the last set of comps:



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