Info Architecture

Creating my information architecture for this project was much different from the previous time. In some ways it was easier because I had a better idea of what I was supposed to do and how it was supposed to look. However, it was also much trickier.

It was more difficult because this time I had nothing to go off of. Even though my last design was a redesign and I was changing the flow of the application, I still had something to work from. This time however it was completely form scratch. Although I had all of my user research to help guide me in what I found my users would like and would not like, it was still challenging to develop the entire flow of the application.

To do this I opened up a word document and wrote everything out. This was helpful because I was able to think out everything I wanted to allow in my application and the link between each one.

Here is my information architecture:


I am very happy with the flow of my application and I am excited to see how my users react to it.

Although I thought I had a better idea of how the information architecture was supposed to be formatted this time around it turns out I was still a little off. Even though I had the flow of the application all mapped out I needed more description of what each part of the application allows the user to do and how the user should interact with it.

After making my adjustments here is my new information architecture:



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