User Research

The application direction that I decided to go in is targeted for grandparents. The app would be a digital photo album where grandparents could flip through photos of their family. To make the application simpler for them to use, family members will upload the images from their end of the app. All the grandparents have to do is look through the album.

There will be some additional features such as audio recordings, video recordings, and ability to comment on photos, ability to add media to a different album.

To start the process I started to research about what the users of this application would be like. To do that I researched how people in this age range use technology and the internet. That way I could use the information I learned in the design of my application. To find out more about the individual research I did, check out my post New App Idea & User Research.

Here is an overview of the information that I gathered:

user research


I went back to my user research and decided that it would be helpful to get a little more information first hand. To do this I interviewed six different participants to understand how I should design this application.

I asked about information on how they use technology and what they like and do not like about different aspects of it.

The interviewing was very helpful and I will definitely reflect back at my data throughout the process of creating this application.

Click here to see my user research.


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